About Victoria Together

Learn more about the content platform helping you experience Victoria online.

Victoria Together aims to connect and empower Victorian communities through inclusive experiences, to create a sense of belonging for all Victorians.

Our online platform exists to create, curate, and promote digital content and virtual experiences from government departments, grassroots organisations, and community groups around Victoria. 

We want to be a line of connection and communication for telling the unique stories and experiences of everyday people, sharing art, history, video entertainment, and learning resources. 

Our partners

We partner with some Victorian organisations, to collaborate and share digital activities or experiences that authentically reflect the diverse, colourful nature of Victoria's society.

You can find out more about our official partners by visiting our Partners page.

Submitting your content

We are always looking for opportunities to connect Victorian creators and organisations to a wider audience and help our audience discover new content.

If you have a virtual event or digital activity coming up that you'd like to share with us, you can submit your content to us and if it's suitable for our platform, we'll share it on the Victoria Together website.

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All other enquiries

If you have a question, feedback about our website, or want to know more about the content we publish, you can get in touch using our online enquiry form.

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