All the best virtual animal experiences

CUTENESS OVERLOAD ALERT: We've pulled together all the virtual animal exhibitions happening around Victoria for all your cute and cuddly needs.

Take a splash with the otters, prance with the penguins and catch a wave with the reef cam – here you'll find all the wildlife live streams to keep your kids engaged, and let their imaginations run wild!

Into the wild

Available anytime
Reef Cam Underwater Live Feed

Australia’s first ever rocky-reef live-feed

  • Science & Technology
  • Resource
Available anytime
Sea Life Virtual Aquarium

Learning with Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Live stream
Available anytime
Penguin Burrow Camera

Phillip Island's live penguin burrow camera

  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Live stream

Live Penguin TV

Catch this nightly stream of Phillip Island's most famous residents - the Fairy Penguins of Penguin Parade!

Catch up on past streams from Penguin Parade

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