All Things AFL

Footy season is back, and better than ever! We've got behind-the-scenes interviews with players, AFL training tips for kids, and conversations on mental health from star athletes all here in one spot.

Australian Football League (AFL) is back after a whirlwind 2020 season that nobody will forget.

And we're celebrating with...All Things Footy! 

Learn how to stay mindful, keep your mental health in check, and eat a balanced diet from the athletes and professionals at Melbourne Football Club. 

Find out how AFLW player Hannah Scott balances playing for the Western Bulldogs while holding down a full-time job. See some of the best moments in AFL history, marked by legendary photographer Rennie Ellis. 

New to AFL? that's ok! Western Bulldogs have got you covered with introductory lessons in AFL, and Puppy School Training videos - you'll be playing marks up in the backyard in no time!

The season is only just getting started, and so are we - there's plenty more to come, so watch this space!

Introduction to AFL

The Western Bulldogs provide us with a guide on everything you need to know about the Australian Football League. Available in multiple languages, so everyone can play along!

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AFL history highlights

We take a trip down memory lane of sport, looking at Rennie Ellis images of historical matches, star players and moments in the history of our beloved AFL.

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Hannah Scott talks balance

AFLW midfielder Hannah Scott is a full-time Western Bulldogs player, but still maintains a day job working in construction. Hear her talk about how she strikes a balance between the two worlds.

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