Aleshanee Faery - Tactility

Arts Access Victoria presents The Museum of Us

A video to highlight the importance of handmade art, and the value of the sensory, tactile experience.

Tactility word next to the scored piece of paper next to the hand that made it

About the work

An accessible future is not 100% digital!

I am an analog artist with a disability that includes sensory hypersensitivities that are affected by online interaction. Tactility is a time lapse documentation of me print-making.

I want this project to highlight the importance of handmade art, and the value of the sensory tactile experience.

The process of creating this digital work reinforced the importance of making things physically. I view this project as a documentation of the handmade process that is more important than the digital outcome.

For me, physically making art can’t be replaced by digital tools.

The tactile process I used to make this work sparked ideas about how I could respond to the project in a way that is enjoyable and accessible for me.

I believe that people need support to navigate the barriers to access of digital media and tools. I’m not alone in the sensitivities that some people experience, eg. epilepsy.

The new normal I would like is a community that uses each other’s strengths to support each other’s weaknesses. In this way, I would like the digital aspect of art-making to be handled by someone who actually enjoys it.

I want access to a physical studio space where I can make analog art that makes me happy during the production and the process of it.

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