Arts in Maroondah: Mayflies and Stars

Experience the magical world of Kyoko Imazu.

This image is of an intricate paper cut out artwork. It is black cut out paper on a white background. Within it appears dandelion flowers growing above a grassy patch. with roots exposed underneath. A tiny person holding a dandelion seed is to the right, under the dandelion stalk. A tiny skeleton is to the left.

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Exhibitions and performances take place across several spaces within Maroondah including Artspace, Maroondah Federation Estate, and Wyreena Community Art Centre.

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ArtSpace is a purpose-built contemporary arts venue at Realm, Maroondah City Council's new library, cultural, knowledge, and innovation centre.


Mayflies and Stars

Kyoko Imazu

Mayflies and Stars by Kyoko Imazu tell the untold stories of the tiny creatures that fill our everyday lives, embracing an enigmatic world of moving shadows and shifting forms. Her intricate papercuts and shadow puppetry bring to life memories and personal recollections of Japanese folklore and evoke the ephemeral, fleeting beauty of the world these tiny creatures inhabit. Drawing on real and imagined beings, Kyoko invites audiences to take part in her whimsical stories of exploration and adventure.

Kyoko Imazu is a Japanese artist based in Melbourne whose practice encompasses a range of mediums such as printmaking, papercut, puppetry, bookbinding, and ceramics.


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