Arts in Maroondah: Take me with you

A suite of temporal artworks by two talented Melbourne-based artists collaborators

An interior view of a constructed car made from cardboard. It is taken from the point of view of a 'passenger' sitting in the back seat looking forward. The driver is a puppet kookaburra wearing a taxi uniform. The kookaburra is turning it's head towards the passenger.

Arts in Maroondah

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Arts in Maroondah aims to promote and showcase innovation, diversity, and discussion in the arts and cultural community of Maroondah.

Exhibitions and performances take place across several spaces within Maroondah including Artspace, Maroondah Federation Estate, and Wyreena Community Art Centre.

Take a look at a range of exhibitions held at Artspace in Maroondah archived in a suite of online exhibitions.

ArtSpace is a purpose-built contemporary arts venue at Realm, Maroondah City Council's new library, cultural, knowledge and innovation centre.


Take me with you

Isabelle Knowles and Van Sowerwine

Take me with you was a dynamic temporal exhibition and installation by artist collaborators, Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine exhibited in ArtSpace at Realm from 17 February to 15 March. The exhibition surveyed almost 20 years of their creative practice, including animations, models and digital videos, and VR. 

Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine are known for their technologically adventurous, elaborately detailed animated storytelling through film and immersive installations. Take me with you brought together, for the first time, a suite of artworks by these two talented artist collaborators.

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