Arts in Maroondah: Before time - Angkamuthi meets Gunditjmara

Linocut prints and etchings by Angkamuthi born artist Teho Ropeyarn and Gunditjmara born artist Vicki Couzens curated by Wemba Wemba artist and curator Kelly Koumalatsos.

A print by Teho Ropeyarn featuring traditional marks making featuring stories and old knowledge passed down from Injinoo Elders. Four elipses are side by side in a landscape format, laying top to bottom. They are created using black and red ochres. Red lines are in the centre of the elipses. The elipses are joined together ob the left by several smaller overlapping elipses, in the middle by a small circle with several lines coming out of the centre and on the right, a circle with more tradition marks within

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Before time: Angkamuthi meets Gunditjmara

Vicky Couzens and Teho Ropeyarn

Rich in storytelling, Before time: Angkamuthi meets Gunditjmara presented the creative practices of Teho Ropeyarn and Vicki Couzens. Both artists echo deep connections with their cultures - Teho Ropeyarn draws on the traditions of the Angkamuthi and Yadhaykana clan groups from Cape York Peninsula in Queensland and Vicki Couzens portrays imagery from her Gunditjmara heritage, the traditional owners of the Victorian region near Warrnambool. In bringing these two geographically disparate artists together, exhibition curator, Kelly Koumalatsos bridges the usual north-south divide by presenting connections found within the stories and the visual imagery.

Vicki Couzens has spent much of her life learning of Women’s Story and Women’s Law which she expresses through creative cultural and artistic expression, language, and ceremonies.

Teho Ropeyarn is an artist and curator who preserves and documents the stories and old knowledge passed down from Injinoo Elders. Permitted by his Elders, the stories are recreated in a contemporary iteration that directs Ropeyarn’s approach to contemporary imagery, symbols, imagination, and metaphors.

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