City of Melbourne Presents Flash Fwd

Flash Fwd is creating a connected network of laneways across Melbourne with their own stories, visuals, and acoustic designs.

Artist Pure Stevenson painting a mural on Little William St. The artist wears coveralls, a mask and a cap, and holds a paintbrush to a pink hued artwork.
Showcasing Melbourne’s creative culture and unlocking the potential of some of the city’s lesser-known laneways, more than 80 creatives have been commissioned to create over 40 art installations, 40 albums, and stage 40 gigs across the city.

All new work. All free.

Featuring visual artists such as George Goodnow, Drez, and Gonteka, and musical artists such as Dimpa, The Merindas, and Nina Buchanan - these are just a sample of the creatives taking part.

Head to the website below to discover the city's locations undergoing transformations. Discover new artists, new music, and a new appreciation of Melbourne's creative sector.

Flash Fwd Homepage