Greg Muir - Untitled

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Greg Muir feels calm when he is painting. Every painting carries a different theme and atmosphere.

Photograph of Greg Muir in his powerchair. He is wearing an Aboriginal f ag shirt and black pants with colourful quilted artwork stitched along their legs, and has his arms out either side in a triumphant pose, smiling

About the work

Every painting I do is a different theme and different atmosphere.

I feel calm while I’m doing them. People have got to learn about the land that they’re standing on, and our culture.

If you’d like to see more of my art, you can find an archive of my exhibition at Koorie Heritage Trust , or check out the Koorie Art Show .

Paintings in this series

  1. Relaxing by the sea, under the umbrella
  2. Portrait of two kids as friends
  3. Portrait of two women
  4. Walking in the outback
  5. I can see myself in a little boat, drifting away
  6. Looking out to sea
  7. Picking flowers in the springtime
  8. A trip to nowhere in the country

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