Güler Altunbas - Within Diversity Matters, Matter

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Güler Altunbas is a Kurdish-born visual artist, practicing in numerous media forms: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and digital artwork and methods.

A digital illustration with a water stream filled with different coloured blobs, in a green solid field with a blue sky and two feather falling down

Within Diversity Matters, Matter.

Let’s celebrate our diversities and differences. All abilities are welcome and equal, not downtrodden people who are variously abled.

We listen and connect with each other for an inclusive and empathetic present and future.

Artist statement

The themes in her current artwork explore social justice and spirituality [angels].

She believes that there’s an unknown distance, opportunities, and challenges ahead.

Commencing begets gratitude. Clouds, feathers, and pebbles represent angelic presence.

Using the metaphor, the grass may be greener on the other side. Clouds are said to have a silver lining.

Give Roses

Late father’s legacy since she was a child, to young adulthood: he always used an analogy and often said "Be patient and when people are bad to you that when they throw you a knife catch it and throw them back a rose."

Artwork by Güler Altunbas, a blue sky, red snake river and knife stabbing coloured roses.

Feather Musings (& Coloured Pebbles)

Part of a series.

The Nur Permeating into the Night: references the Islamic revelation, The Night of Power.

Artwork by Güler Altunbas, a blue sky, rainbow snake river, and feathers.


Within Diversity Friendship Springs Zeki Cat

Checkerboard yellow brick road referencing ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Home is safe

Artwork by Güler Altunbas, a blue sky, yellow brick road winding snake river, and a black cat.


Question Why & Checkerboard

Woman in a question mark shape with the earth under her feet.



Rose-coloured glasses and mirror path reflecting.


Audio version with text

About the artist

Güler Altunbas is Kurdish-born, and has lived most of her life in Melbourne.

She is a Visual Artist, practicing in numerous media forms: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and digital artwork and methods.

Güler is committed to social justice and advocacy. She has an extensive history as an Advocate and Campaigner in regards to the elimination of gender-based violence against women and children; and implications that arise due to disability and ethnicity.

Güler successfully brings her personal lived experience and art practice to public attention. Not only politically but aiming to be socially focused, exploring narratives of connection, networking, vulnerability, care, emotional insight, and creative sensitivity.

Her conceptual framework is influenced by her focus, on human rights and associated social and political issues.

Currently, Güler is an art teacher with a Melbourne-based Neighbourhood Learning Centre, and for over five years, she has been facilitating weekly art workshops face to face and currently online (due to Covid-19) with people who have a lived experience of mental health concerns and disability.

Her professional career spans various roles, including more than 10 years in Community Radio Broadcasting. She has worked in National Training Management, Radio Station Management; and as a Producer, Broadcaster and Trainer.

She has been employed in the not-for-profit sector for 20 years in Youth Work, Community Development, and Mediation. These influences imbue her contemporary art practice.

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