Jennifer Fennell - The wonders of nature are for everyone

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As an amateur photographer, Jennifer loves to explore the landscape through her lens.

A landscape photograph of a deep green mountain against a cloudless blue sky. In the mid-ground, farmland. In the foreground, glimpses of houses nestled amongst trees

About the work

The Upper Murray region where I live, approximately 400km northeast of Melbourne, has some of the most majestic scenery in Victoria. As an amateur photographer, I love to explore the landscape through my lens.

It’s hard to describe the beauty of the mountains and valleys of the area. Spending time in the bush is an important stress release, giving me peace and serenity as I listen to the sounds of nature and observe the changing seasons.

However, nature is not always equally accessible for people with a disability. In order to experience these locations, I have to drive across the border into NSW to reach Scammell’s Lookout. The lookout has safe disability access such as handrails, a level viewing platform, and an accessible toilet.

In contrast, on my doorstep is Emberys Lookout, Mount Mittamatite.

The road to the lookout is a dry weather only road. There’s no safety railing of any sort, no toilet, and the ground is uneven, rocky, and ends in a cliff.

While out photographing on location recently, I had a fall due to the ground being uneven, which really highlighted just how dangerous a lack of accessibility can be.

I believe everyone should have access to nature and the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of this special region – including people with disabilities

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