Living Room: Alison Kennedy

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

An artist stands in the middle of a room, wearing a black top and denim skirt and black leggings and shoes, with shoulder length blond hair, and hands on her hips. Behind her is a bookshelf full of books with some small paintings leaning against the books and shelf.Surrounding the artist is an assortment of colourful paintings, on the floor, and leaning against walls, and chairs. A lamb in the left corner is on, with 3 lights glowing.

Living Room Volume I by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume I presented by Bus Projects here.

11 minutes

Living Room Volume 1 - Alison Kennedy, 26 August 2020

Living Room is an ongoing series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

Each film presents a portrait of a Melbourne artist captured in their home studio and sometimes at their job too.

Recorded on a smartphone in between Covid lockdowns, the films blend domestic and political, private and public creating personal, insightful biographies of artists and living conditions of our time. 

For Alison Kennedy, the art road twists and turns. She is interested in ways of poetic being as disclosed by technology and interprets this through handmade media – combining digital with digital.

Her work so far includes printmaking, computer modelling, and painting and is informed by thinkers including Heidegger and Stiegler.

Untroubled by nihilism – more with the contemporary excess of meaning- Alison considers that it is in this amorphous unpredictable surplus of activity where art is particularly powerful. She is on the lookout for slippage, error and the overlooked because we are at once closest to and furthest away from ourselves.

She has recently completed her MFA at VCA, has exhibited in Australia and overseas, with work held in private collections.
Books are a constant shining presence in her life.

To find out more about Alison Kennedy check out her website and Instagram .

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