Living Room: Azza Zein

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

An artist stands in their living room by a large window. Through the window aprtments are visible. In the room are several rugs on the floor, a desk to the left and a couch to the right. Behind the couch is a bookshelf. On the desk are drawing and sculptural materials.  A young child sits on the floor in the foreground near the couch drawing on paper.

Living Room Volume I by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume I presented by Bus Projects here.

12 minutes

Living Room Volume 1 - Azza Zein, 16 September 2020

Living Room is an ongoing series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

Each film presents a portrait of a Melbourne artist captured in their home studio and sometimes at their job too.

Recorded on a smartphone in between Covid lockdowns, the films blend domestic and political, private and public creating personal, insightful biographies of artists and living conditions of our time. 

Azza Zein is an installation artist and writer who lives and works in Naarm/Melbourne. Born to a Syrian mother and a Lebanese father, Zein grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. Her practice-led research examines concepts of value in art through the materiality of domestic space and personal experience as a migrant.

Through a process of rematerialisation, conceptualised as care for  ‘migrant  materials’, her recent works comment on the dematerialisation of the economy and offer a revaluation of invisible labour. Her artistic research draws on her heritage and her background in economics to explore how artistic processes can be alternative modes of revaluation.

Zein recently completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of Arts, the University of Melbourne. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions held in artist-run spaces in Australia.

She has participated in art residencies in Argentina, India, and remotely the Santa Fe Art Institute Labour residency. Zein was recently a finalist in the Incinerator Gallery Art Social Change Award (2020), Australian Muslim Artist Award (2019), and the Athenaeum Club award (2020).

Zein won the Fiona Myer Art+Australia Internship award for 2020. She published her writing in Art + Australia, in Kohl Journal for Body and Gender Research, Un projects review, and recently Kings Artist-run Live from the field. She also performed in the CARE: transforming values through art, ethics, and feminism, at George Paton Gallery in 2019.

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