Living Room: Jaime Powell & Cheralyn Lim

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

A view into two rooms at once, from a door frame. On the left side is an artist in a kitchen, sitting at a pottery wheel, wearing a red hoodie and their dark hair in a bun. On the right hand side is an artist standing at a table holding something in their hand, wearing a dark top, with shoulder length dark hair.

Living Room Volume I by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume I presented by Bus Projects here.

22 minutes

Living Room Volume 1 - Jaime Powell & Cheralyn Lim, 12 August 2020

Living Room is an ongoing series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

Each film presents a portrait of a Melbourne artist captured in their home studio and sometimes at their job too.

Recorded on a smartphone in between Covid lockdowns, the films blend domestic and political, private and public creating personal, insightful biographies of artists and living conditions of our time. 

Jaime Powell explores printmaking in spatial practice, using prints to investigate scale, pattern, and tessellation. In installations consisting of multiple prints, organic imagery is created by aligning simple geometries or patterns.

The mark-making is influenced by the various languages around her while growing up in India. She has trained at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Tamarind Institute of Lithography, New Mexico and is a recent recipient of the APW James Northfield Trust Lithography scholarship. She was awarded Highly Commended at the Fremantle Print Awards 2018 and is a finalist in 2019.

Cheralyn Lim is an artist and emerging conservator. She works with collage, paint, and printmaking to explore interactions of colour, shape, and texture. In addition to her solo practice, she works collaboratively with artists, designers, and independent organisations as a visual artist, graphic designer, and digital marketer. She specialises in paper conservation and has worked with Australian collections including the photographic collection at the Kanamkek-Yile Ngala Museum, Wadeye, the City of Melbourne Collection, and the University of Melbourne Hanson-Dyer Rare Music Collection. Cheralyn is also a member of artist book collective 5 Press, five artists brought together by an appreciation for handmade forms and traditional techniques in bookmaking.


To find out more about Jaime Powell check out her  website and instagram .

To find out more about Cheralyn Lim check out her website and instagram .

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