Living Room: Narelle White

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

An artist stands in their studio space, hands behind her back, facing the camera, smiling. She has red hair, pulled back and is wearing blue jeans and a dark top. To the left of her is a table and to the right is a couch, behind her a mantelpiece. The table and couch  are covered in small containers of sculptural materials. The mantlepiece has some small abstract sculptures on it.

Living Room Volume I by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume I presented by Bus Projects here.

12 minutes

Living Room Volume 2 - Narelle White, 24 July 2021

Living Room is an ongoing series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

Each film presents a portrait of a Melbourne artist captured in their home studio and sometimes at their job too.

Recorded on a smartphone in between Covid lockdowns, the films blend domestic and political, private and public creating personal, insightful biographies of artists and living conditions of our time. 

Through a sensitive engagement with the intelligibility of matter, Narelle creates porous and provisional assemblies of ceramic material.

Embracing experimental strategies and material poetics, her work proposes an ethic of empathy and recognition, through the organic and animistic qualities of her porous, lively things.

Narelle holds a BA, MA, and BFA – having studied in Australia, The Netherlands, and the United States. In the European winter of 2020, Narelle undertook an intensive residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Oisterwijk as a beneficiary of an Ian Potter Cultural Trust grant. She is presently studying at the Victorian College of the Arts.

To find out more about the artist check out their website and Instagram .

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