Living Room Volume II by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is an ongoing series of experimental short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume II presented by Trocadero Art Space here.

This image is a film still from the Living Room volume 2, Tina Stefanou. Tina Stefanou sits on a couch with her black and shite dog facing towards her grandmother, on a seat nearby. They are within an annexe connected to a caravan, with a pot belly fire place, lit. There is a Persian ug on the floor and a piano in the right front corner of the image, and a lamp on in the far back left corner of the room.

Nina Sanadze
Living Room
Volume II, 2021

The most interesting thing about artists is how they live.
—Marcel Duchamp

Living Room is an ongoing series of short experimental films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Idiosyncratically shot on a mobile phone, each film presents a portrait of an Australian artist captured in their home studio space, as well as the hard reality of their experience of paid employment.

Working against the circumstances of isolation, the series started during the first Covid lockdowns in Melbourne in 2020, as an attempt to bring community together through sharing personal stories and illuminating extraordinary and inspirational artistic worlds. The series grew into an ongoing anthology that documents the livelihoods of contemporary visual artists, depicting their immense cultural contribution, beauty, depth, generosity, and political concerns.

The films blend the domestic with the political by revealing the blurred division between an artist’s private and public space. The living room is a space where stories are told, lives are lived, and in this case where work is done, artworks are created and history is made. We are presented with a privileged and valuable insight into the lives of the culture makers of Australia.

Representing the limitations of a society that undervalues its critical and evaluative cultural industries, the films also reveal the tension and the incongruity between the immersive, creative activity that saturates every corner of an artist's life, and the economic necessity of doing often menial work to support their obsessive dedication to their craft. 

The slow panning camera creates a witness view where people and objects are still, presenting a slice of time and timelessness, reminiscent of a theatrical tableau. A moving picture that doesn’t move, a film evoking a monument. The narrative is told through scanning a trail of domestic objects, trinkets, books, textures, tools, artworks, and an overlaying soundscape, producing an audio-visual synaesthesia. The home becomes a rare still life, uncovering ephemerality, beauty and the unique and rich world of its inhabitants. House and objects become epic, revealing stories and history through the micro and macro dimensions.


Volume II films are presented by Trocadero Art Space throughout July-December 2021.

View Volume I here


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