Living Room Volume II: Claire Lambe

Living Room is a series of short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze.

This is an image of Claire Lambe in her studio. She is sitting on her knees to the right of the image, and faces the camera. Her right hand resting on the arm of a video camera tripod. The video camera is in the middle of the image pointing towards a bronze sculpture to the left of the image on a large white backdrop sheet. To the back of the room is a desk with camera equipment and a set of shelves to the left with boxes and a sewing machine.

Living Room Volume II by Nina Sanadze

Living Room is an ongoing series of experimental short films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Watch Volume II presented by Trocadero Art Space here.

15 minutes

Living Room Volume II
Claire Lambe
27 October 2021


Living Room is an ongoing series of short experimental films by visual artist Nina Sanadze. Idiosyncratically shot on a mobile phone, each film presents a portrait of an Australian artist captured in their home studio space, as well as the hard reality of their experience of paid employment.


"It gets more complicated to separate the day-to-day experience from radical thought. 

My desire has never been to make art but to express something that I cannot recognise or understand.

I believe that all my skills, knowledge and experience of the world are transferable, I never waste any opportunity to learn something new and shift." - Claire Lambe



To find out more about the artist check out her  website .


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