Marnie Woods - Firefly Future

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Mental differences and illnesses were once completely misunderstood.

Black and white drawing of woman.

About the work

The black and white picture is of a nameless old woman who was put in a pauper's mental institution during the 1900s, a terrible time with the conditions and so-called treatments of those days.

The original picture was taken by her psychiatrist, who had some false ideas of being able to diagnose a person via photograph.

Mental differences and illnesses were completely misunderstood.

The colour picture is based on me, covered and guided with the light of fireflies whose ambience can make even pitch black a beautiful place with their small lights.

This picture is my hope for the future – free of any negative influence and hopeful for a future that is surrounded by nature, inner strength and peace – with the help of my supports and the things I love and enjoy around me, represented by the lights.

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