MUMA Monash Artist Resources

Explore a range of artist resources to create paintings and sculptures put together by Monash University Museum of Art.

Hands hold and cut out shapes from a painted piece of paper using scissors. Underneath is a table with cut out shapes, a paint brush and scissor holder on it.
MUMA Monash has put together a range of educational resources accompanying changing exhibitions. 

Whether it be for fun or part of teaching from home with your kids, these are inspiring and certain to get the artist within making. 

Explore painting and sculpture-making practices. 

These videos are a small series of workshops for young artists to create new work from home, using things commonly found around the house. Create abstract sculptures, trees, and animals with these artists curated by Monash University Museum of Art.

Workshops are held by Melbourne-based artists including painter Tai Snaith and abstract sculptors Tracey Lamb and Nabilah Nordin.

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