MUMA Monash - Tracey Lamb: Sculpture Workshop

Celebrate colour and form to create an abstract sculpture with Tracey Lamb using things you can find at home.

A woman with a black bob haircut is wearing a black jumper, white shirt, orange beads and black glasses. In front of her is a range of craft materials and colourful paper sculptures. Behind her are colourful welded sculptures on white plinths

MUMA Monash Artist Resources

Explore a range of artist resources to create paintings and sculptures put together by Monash University Museum of Art.

7 minutes

As part of the educational resources put together by MUMA Monash, this series of artist workshops explore painting and sculpture-making practices.

Explore abstract art and create your own abstract sculptures at home with guidance from sculptor Tracey Lamb.

Using things you may find lying around the house, watch as Tracey creates forms with colourful everyday objects.

Investigate abstract sculpture making here

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