Nat Grant - Remix Melbourne

TarraWarra Museum of Art

Play and remix Melbourne. View in fullscreen to access all the sounds. Click on the pictures to start/stop the sounds. You can play more than one sound at a time.

The image shows a busy street in the heart of the City of Melbourne, with trams running up and down and people crossing the road or waiting at the tram stops, there are cars waiting at the lights as pedestrians pass by.

Play and remix Melbourne. View in fullscreen to access all the sounds. Click on the pictures to start/stop the sounds. You can play more than one sound at a time.

Remix Melbourne is made up of sounds that will be familiar to most people: sounds that make up the backdrop of city life.

The project brings to the foreground, the experience of listening to the city, much as the 2020 lockdown periods in Melbourne did. As the lockdown stripped away a lot of other sounds, crowds, and traffic, we walked in the street and became more aware of these sounds that make this city.

Throughout 2020, I walked and I listened. I recorded things I heard: my own footsteps in autumn leaves, park fountains, tram bells, as a way to differentiate one day from another and to have some creative material to work with while I couldn't access my studio or physical instruments.

This project is a way for me to share that process, allowing the audience to remix their own version of the city.

About the Artist

Dr. Nat Grant is a sound artist and producer working on unceded Wurundjeri country, with more than 15 years experience across live performance, recording and broadcast, digital arts, and community arts.

Nat's work as a sound artist focuses on the creation of multidisciplinary, long-form musical compositions, performance events, and installations that use traditional and graphic notation as well as improvisation. Nat works in a wide range of mentoring and teaching roles that both inform and are informed by experiences as both composer and performer.

Nat is involved in a number of community networks and forums that help to strengthen the role of new music throughout diverse communities, and particularly those that increase the presence of women and gender minority artists. Nat's Hey Drums project has featured interviews with more than 150 Australian female and non-binary drummers since 2016, and Nat is currently a member of Music Victoria’s Women’s Advisory Panel.

As a composer, Nat has created original chamber music, durational sound artworks, and composed and created sound design for theatre, dance, film, and live art, and in 2018 received the Age Music Victoria award for Best Experimental/Avant-Garde Act. As a teaching artist, Nat has been involved in projects with a number of community groups including the Riff Raff Radical Marching Band, Footscray Community Arts Centre, and the Crashendo! Sistema program.

A podcaster and programmer for 3CR community radio, Nat is interested in the power of sound and music as storytelling tools, and as co-curator for the weekly experimental performance series, the Make it Up Club is invested in creating and maintaining a community around sound making.

Much of Nat's work relies on collaboration, improvisation, and adapting to the unique circumstances of each project. Most recently Nat was employed as Creative Director for the Victorian Seniors Festival’s Radio Reimagined series: a project turning the usual IRL festival into a several-month series of podcasts recorded entirely in lockdown in the performers’ own homes.

This project was commissioned by TarraWarra Museum of Art for Victoria Together and is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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