Raphael ‘The Beurologist’ Kaleb - The End of Ableism

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Prior to the 1970s people with a disability. Hidden out of sight.

Photograph of Raphael ‘The Beurologist’ Kaleb, who stands to the right of a black backdrop raising his arms in the air, speaking or singing into a microphone. He is bathed in pink light and his eyes are closed. He wears ochre coloured trousers and a blue t-shirt adorned with gold, black and blue patterns. A grey plastic chair is seen to the left of the frame.
Contains rapidly-changing sound and imagery

About the work

The silent out-of-sync parts in The End Of Ableism symbolise how, when people with a disability have spoken up about access and inclusion, people traditionally didn’t listen.

Behind the scenes


Directed, edited and written by Raphael ‘The Beurologist’ Kaleb

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