RISING - Back to Back Theatre with John Safran and Dr. Vikrant Kishore

In a play led by neuro-diverse performers, a Hindu god reclaims the Swastika from the Third Reich. Whose story is it?

Two people stand on a stage facing to the left. One person is blurred and wears a beige coat and pale pants. The other person stands behind, with beige pants, grey top and an elephant mask over their head. The stage has speckled lighting all the way across above the two people.

RISING 2021 Podcast series

The RISING 2021 Podcast asks artists to unravel their ideas on an audio platform.

29 minutes

In 2021, RISING festival will take art and performance from behind closed doors to unexpected public places.

In a post-Covid world, artists have recalibrated their ideas to reach audiences in new and challenging ways. 

The RISING 2021 Podcast series asks artists to unravel their ideas on an audio platform.

This episode features Bruce Gladwin, Scott Price, John Safran & Dr. Vikrant Kishore.

Comedian John Safran is no stranger to religious controversy, yet, as he steers a conversation about a Hindu god’s attempt to reclaim the Swastika from the Third Reich, the controversial problem of identity politics takes centre stage.

For context, Hindu academic Dr. Vikrant Kishor intervenes. Under the spotlight, Back to Back theatre’s director Bruce Gladwin and performer Scott Price are interrogated. 

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich is part of RISING’s retrospective of Geelong’s pioneering Back to Back Theatre, along with Food Court and small metal objects

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