MUMA Monash - Tai Snaith: Slow Down Kids part 2

Slow down with painting workshops by Tai Snaith.

Two hands holding sections of cut out and painted paper together to make the shape of a mouth for a small insect creature on the table below. Also on the table are a sketchbook with drawings of insects and scrap pieces of paper

MUMA Monash Artist Resources

Explore a range of artist resources to create paintings and sculptures put together by Monash University Museum of Art.

9 minutes

As part of the educational resources put together by MUMA Monash, this series of artist workshops explore painting and sculpture-making practices.

Continue slowing down with part two of this 3 part workshop with artist Tai Snaith.

Creating mini creatures from micro worlds, use scrap paper and materials from around the house to take time to create your own mini-world.

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