MUMA Monash - Tai Snaith: Tree Story part 2

Art and Sustainability workshop - Make a tree with artist Tai Snaith in this 2 part workshop.

This image is from the point of view of the viewer. We are looking down at an artists hands. The hands are holding two pieces of paper together that are cut out to make up the shape of a tree. on the table underneath are other cut out pieces of coloured and painted paper on top of a large piece of paper with paint spills on it.

MUMA Monash Artist Resources

Explore a range of artist resources to create paintings and sculptures put together by Monash University Museum of Art.

12 minutes

As part of the educational resources put together by MUMA Monash, this series of artist workshops explore painting and sculpture-making practices.

Continue the Tree Story: Art and Sustainability workshop here.

Using scrap paper and watercolour paints, make a tree with artist Tai Snaith while thinking about the sustainability of our environment. 

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