Troc Talks Online - INTERWORLD

Presented by Trocadero Artspace INTERWORLD is an evolving series of performances created by Devika Bilimoria and A Hanley.

A performance still of two performers in a pale pink, smokey room. One performer stands at a synthesiser, playing. The other performer is dancing within the space. both performers are silhouetted. Two lights sit on the floor against the wall.

Troc Talks Online

Trocadero Art Space present a series of projects developed by artists during COVID-19 lockdowns.

18 minutes

INTERWORLD is an evolving series of works that explore the suspension and porousness between flesh and digital devices through performance and the presence of electromagnetic frequencies.

INTERWORLD is a part of Trocadero Artspace's digital series Troc Talks Online.

Created by Devika Bilimoria and A Hanley, these works endeavour to reveal the imbrication of human and non-human gestures and rhythms, the sensation between skin and sound, proximity and distance.

They aim to express the thickness and amplification of sensorial offerings by way of listening and movement—bringing attention to a space in between—an INTERWORLD.

INTERWORLD premiered through Trocadero Artspace's IG TV.

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