Troc Talks Online - These are a Few of my Favourite Things zine

Trocadero Art Space present a series of projects developed by artists during COVID-19 lockdowns. Presenting an online zine reacting to living within the overwhelming setting of contemporary life.

A blue piece of gum is stuck to the pavement. Two red arrows point towards it, coming down from the top of the image. Two balck and red arrows point away from the gum towards the bottom of the imgae. A black blob is next to the gum with blue text that reads squish, grit, ick, print and scram.

Troc Talks Online

Trocadero Art Space present a series of projects developed by artists during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Trocadero Art Space presents a series of projects developed by artists during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Including artist talks, video projects, and Instagram takeovers, artists explored ways of making, creating, and Instagram takeovers, in response to exhibitions being postponed.

In response to their exhibition being postponed, artists Skye Malu Baker, Kaijern Koo, Madeleine Minack, Nina Rose Prendergast, and HeeJoon Youn, created a digital zine.

In this online zine, the artists take an intimate approach to discussing their art practices and postponed exhibitions. ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ reacts to living within the overwhelming setting of contemporary life, where fixation becomes a method for making sense of a visually saturated world. In examining this obsession, the artists identify sensitivity, routine, and compulsion as irrational remedies.

Skye Malu Baker’s practice revolves around cycles of loss and creation, oscillating between the gestural and the graphic. Producing a diverse range of outcomes, including paintings, performances, prints, and objects, her work is concerned with narrative glitches and disruptions. She is currently completing her Honours year at the Victorian College of the Arts and is grateful to practice on Wurundjeri land.

Kaijern Koo is a Melbourne-based artist working primarily in painting. Her practice is informed by tendencies toward obsession in the face of desperation, bleeding into examinations of the arcane, ritual, magical thinking, and faith. Through her work, she hones in on such tendencies as they reveal themselves as attempts to establish certainty in, and to understand, an unstable world.

Madeleine Minack‘s practice derives from a process of accumulation, collecting discarded found objects to produce small, intimate sculptures which reflect minute details of normally unnoticed everyday matter. Through this process of collection, she creates something that from a distance looks insignificant but upon close examination becomes detailed, complex bodies of sculptural works.

Nina Rose Prendergast is a multidisciplinary artist based in isolation. She is currently undertaking an honours degree in fine art at home (VCA). She likes using the houseparty app but finds the games boring. 

Ankle-deep, HeeJoon Youn navigates the nuances of nostalgia. She depicts objects and texts that hold sentimental value through engravings on acrylic sheets that float over her paintings. Though she admits the frailty of memory, she laughs with, not at; the idea of looking to the past for comfort.




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