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Arts Access Victoria is the state’s peak organisation for arts and disability, dedicated to cultural equity and increasing the visibility of Deaf, Disabled and Neurodiverse artists.
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Established in 1974, Arts Access Victoria (AAV) is the state’s peak body for arts and disability. As a disability-led arts organisation, AAV is at the forefront of innovative disability arts practice, access, and inclusion.

Caroline Bowditch, CEO at Arts Access Victoria.

The Museum of Us

18 NOV 20215 min read
Life after Lockdown: Artists with Disabilities Share their Perspectives

Rhiannon James

We spoke to four artists from disability-led arts organisation Arts Access Victoria to find out what life after lockdown has been like for them.

  • Editorial
17 NOV 20215 min read
Creativity and Lockdown: Artists with Disabilities Share their Perspectives

Rhiannon James

Victoria’s lockdown is over, but how has it influenced our creative community? We spoke to five artists with disabilities from Arts Access Victoria.

  • Editorial
09 NOV 202115 min read
Could the pandemic result in a more inclusive Victoria?

Rhiannon James

An interview with Arts Access Victoria.

  • Editorial
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Larissa MacFarlane - An accessible future has a disabled past

Arts Access Victoria presents The Museum of Us

Without a past, you can't imagine a future.

  • Art
  • Gallery (exhibition)
01 JUN 202110 min read
Jenna Bailey - The Wicked Witch and the Curse of Covid

Jenna Bailey

Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Corona. Corona lived happily in the village with her husband, Charles. However, this was all about to change. Let's found out why...

  • Editorial
09 JUN 20212 min read
Veronica Heritage-Gorrie - A Safe New Normal

Veronica Heritage-Gorrie

Veronica contemplates what she wishes for her children as our society moves towards a 'new normal'.

  • Editorial
02 JUL 202115 min read
Jessica Walton - At the pool, after lockdown / Easy

Jessica Walton

The lockdowns that took place in Victoria in 2020 were difficult for many disabled people. However, in some ways, Jessica experienced less ableism and inaccessibility while stuck at home.

  • Editorial
03 AUG 20214 min read
CB Mako - Inclusion

CB Mako

Cubbie has late-diagnosis ASD, Hard-of-Hearing, while Christa has Down Syndrome, immunocompromised from long-term side effects of chemotherapy. This is their definition of INCLUSION.

  • Editorial
03 AUG 20213 min read
Alistair Baldwin - Inward

Alistair Baldwin

Through thinking, Alistair would create and dissolve many realities. Now that 'normal' life has changed for the world, he has become an online guru for living 'inward'.

  • Editorial

All views and opinions expressed throughout The Museum of Us series of artworks belong to the individual artists themselves as part of their personal expression.