Big Heroes of Small Business Series

Meet the people behind some of Victoria's local businesses to find out how they've pivoted and adapted over these challenging few years.

Meet the people behind the business in this series of Q&As with local small business legends.

Victoria Together has teamed up with Faces of Small Business  to bring you closer to some of Victoria's local makers, creators, and sellers.

So pull up a chair and join us for a chat with a few of the big heroes behind Victoria's small businesses.

Meet the family at Kia Ora Merino

See behind the scenes at Kia Ora Merino, a family-owned farming business in Winslow, Victoria,

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A man and a woman stand inside some farm stalls and lean on a wooden gate. They are smiling and the woman has her arm around the man's waist.

Get to know the Sisters at SisterWorks

Meet the inspirational Sisters who form this not-for-profit social enterprise, SisterWorks.

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Three Sisters from different cultural backgrounds coming together at a SisterWorks event.

Meet Christine from Great Ocean Stays

Find out how accessible tourism advocate Christine Smith adapted her business during the pandemic.

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This image shows Christine Smith standing next to a young person with dark brown hair.

Hear from the team at Impact Co.

Impact Co. is a consultancy and incubator firm helping organisations in the health, mental health, disability and Indigenous sectors make a positive impact.

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Two Impact Co. employees sit talking at a desk.

Do you know a small business hero in your area?

Give them a shoutout and share what you love about them with #BuyLocalVic.

When you buy local, you’re doing even more than helping a small business to keep following their passion. You’re supporting their staff, suppliers, and community to strengthen, recover and grow into the future.

To find out more about spending where it counts, visit the Business Victoria website  and let's #ClickforVic.