Art at Home Series- Create a Magic Beach Painting

Create an effective beach inspired painting using various painting techniques.

Gippsland Art at Home Series

Gippsland Art at Home series provides online activities to create impressive artworks from home!

7 minutes

Create an effective beach-inspired painting using various painting techniques. Suitable for ages 3+

In this Episode of Art at Home, Meg will guide you through creating a painted beach artwork using different brush techniques, strips of cardboard, and your hands to apply the paint.

This activity is suitable for ages 3+ with parental assistance.

Materials required:

  • Paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes
  • Carboard
  • Old toothbrush

Time required – Approximately 1 hour.

Share your artwork with us online! Use the hashtag #GippsArtAtHome

This episode was inspired by Alison Lester’s Magic Beach book.

Illustrations from the book are now on display at Gippsland Art Gallery.

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