Brain basics series - All about Panic Attacks with Lee Constable

Have you ever had a panic attack or an anxiety attack? Learn more about how and why they happen!

Kids Helpline presents Brain Basics series

Have you ever wondered what happens in your brain when you're freaking out?

2 minutes

How different parts of your brain respond when you are stressed

Survival brain

  • Prioritises some survival functions, e.g. your heart beats faster so you can breathe in more oxygen, which is important if you need to fight or run away
  • Extra energy goes to your limbs so you can move faster or be stronger.

Emotional brain

  • Your emotions become more intense
  • This is kind of like a WARNING system to help us respond to threats quickly.

Smart brain

  • Temporarily goes ‘offline' – it doesn’t matter if you can conjugate French verbs or do algebra if you are in danger!
  • The energy that your smart brain would normally use is sent to other prioritised brain and body systems.

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