SciencePlay Kids - Forces

See the science in your everyday with this video about different types of forces, and discover the types of forces you use at home everyday!

Cartoon image of a femal scientist, darth vadar, and a speech bubble that says use the force dr loz

SciencePlay Kids Science Lessons Series

Dr Loz teaches you not only cool science lessions, but also how to see the science in your everyday!

19 minutes

In this video you will learn about FORCE and how to use it to “make something move”, “make something change direction” or “make something change shape” (using science – not magic)!

Forces are pushes, pulls, squashes, squeezes, pinches and pokes. You probably don’t realise it, but you use force 1000s of times in a day.

Join Dr. Loz to find out more – oh, and to get SUPER messy in this splatting experiment of Force.

Download your list of materials you'll need and an easy to follow step-by-step guide below.


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