SciencePlay Kids - Sticky Water

Did you know water is actually sticky? Join Dr. Loz as she breaks it down and shows you some cool experiments to try at home.

Image of blue water being tipped over a seated woman by a child with a yellow bucket

SciencePlay Kids Science Lessons Series

Dr Loz teaches you not only cool science lessions, but also how to see the science in your everyday!

19 minutes

Did you know water is actually sticky? What does that even mean?

Explore with Dr. Loz and learn how water droplets stick to the window after the rain. Water sticks to things because of Cohesion and Adhesion.

Can Dr. Loz or her friends, Mandy and Sammy, tip a vessel filled with water over their heads and not get wet? That depends on who wins the battle of the forces between Adhesion/Cohesion AND Gravity... watch to find out.

Download an esy to follow step-by-step guide below.

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