Come Pie With Me

Leisl Egan

Victoria’s best places to get the perfect pie, as recommended by you!

Image of a tray of pies in a display window, in a cafe.
08 Nov 2021
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08 Nov 2021
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Leisl Egan
Whether the air is warm or cold, or just plain ‘Victorian’, we love our meat pies. They are perfect for a hearty dinner, a lunch-on-the-run, or an afternoon snack.

These pastry-wrapped wonders are a staple at any sporting event, and the footy isn’t quite the same without them.

We put the call-out on social media to find out where you get your favourite pies, and the response was overwhelming. Here are the most popular spots for pie-partaking, as recommended by you.

Country Cob Bakery, Kyneton

Image of Country Cobb Bakery's store, featuring a display filled with pies and cakes. Image by Country Cobb Bakery Facebook.

If you can drag your eyes past the array of golden pastry that fills the front counter, you’ll spot the myriad of awards the Country Cob Bakery has won for its pie-making.

This bakery has won 14 gold medals and 5 national titles at this year’s ‘Best Pie and Pastie Competition’ and in addition to a good old plain meat pie, they offer selections that also tickle the palate with flavours such as Caramelised Pork & Pepper, Satay Seafood and Beef Rendang.

Next time you’re headed down Mollison Street in Kyneton, be sure to pop in to find out which flavour combination tempts you most, or find out more at Country Cob Bakery’s website , Facebook and Instagram .

Country Cob Bakery also has locations in Boronia and Springvale.

Johnny Bakers, Castlemaine

Image of a close up of three cooked pies, decorated with poppy seeds. A hand written sign says 'Minted Lamb and Pea Pies $7.50'. Image by Johnny Baker's Facebook

Johnny Bakers' website comes with a warning that their pictures may cause some serious salivation, and they are not wrong.

Johnny Bakers is a drive-through (or walk-in!) bakery offering handmade pastries, cakes & coffee. Their mouth-watering selections frequently sell out, and cover a range of flavours such as Venison, Port and Mushroom, the classic 60’s Hunza Pie, and Minted Lamb and Pea pie.

For the gluten intolerant, you’ve not been left behind, with a choice of gluten-free savoury pies available.

If you find yourself travelling through Castlemaine on Barker Street, and spot a jaunty red caravan outside the bakery, be sure to drive-through or walk-in and pick up one of these delicious hand-made offerings. You can also check out Johnny Bakers website , Facebook or Instagram .

Bridgewater Bakehouse, Bridgewater on Loddon & Bendigo

Image of a variety of pies with different fillings, on a wooden board with the text 'Bridgewater Bakehouse'. Image by Bridgewater Bakehouse on Facebook.

North of Bendigo the town of Bridgewater on Loddon sits astride the Loddon River, and while this famous bakery is currently only doing takeaway service, that means that there are plenty of beautiful spots to sit and eat after you’ve chosen the best pie to compliment the view.

Bridgewater Bakehouse’s signage is apparent as you drive down Main St, it’s cursive and flowing lettering emblazoned on the side and the roof of the gorgeous old building. The bakery has also expanded to include a second site in Bendigo.

Bridgewater Bakehouse’s pies are so delicious they have their very own page on their website. Their mouth-watering pictures show flaky golden pastry that wraps an assortment of trusted favourites, such as Mushroom Pie, Curry Pie and a Roast Lamb and Gravy Pie. They even get the community involved by contributing to ‘Pie Drives’ a delicious fund-raising alternative.

If you are passing through Bendigo or travelling even further north to Bridgewater on Loddon, be sure to pop for the local speciality! You can also check out Bridgewater Bakehouse’s website and Facebook .

The Pie Place – Walkers Arcade, Coburg

Image if a pie with bites taken out of it, with the filling spilling out onto a paper bag, with the text 'The Pie Place. Award Winning Handmade. Fresh Australia Ingredients.' Image by The Pie Place on Facebook

The Pie Place in Coburg is a family business that has been passed down the generations, and their loyal customer base goes back decades. The Pie Place has been in the same location for 35 years, and their recipes, customer service and ingredients have remained unchanged.

Their handmade pastry pies are a favourite with locals, and if you hadn’t had a chance to check them out, be sure to next time you wander down Walkers Arcade in Coburg. Not only do they offer a palm-sized treat for a lunch-on-the-run, but also dinner-sized savoury and sweet pies.

Check out their very entertaining Facebook page to see the range of pies available, Steak and Onion, Chicken and Leek, and Steak and Cheese are just a few.

Rolling Pin - Ocean Grove

Image of two pie halves stacked on one another, in front of a certificate award. Image by Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes on Facebook.

Officially judged ‘Australia’s Best Pie’, two years in a row, Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes is a must see on that road trip when you’re feeling peckish.

Rolling Pins Pies and Cakes is a true family business, with three generations involved in the pie making (with the grandchildren being the taste-testers!). There are 16 types of pies on the menu, many of them award-winning.

Their pies feature Tasmanian beef, hormone free and grass fed. A local butcher prepares their cuts, and their beef is braised for two hours before it finds it’s way into a delicious handmade pastry package and your mouth.

Loved by locals this is one you need to discover. Head to Rolling Pins Pies and Cakes'  website  or Facebook for more information on their locations, including Ocean Grove Industrial Estate, Queenscliff and Leopold.

There were so many suggestions for our readers favourite pie places, that we couldn’t mention them all! We do have a selection of honourable mentions below, and be sure to look at our Facebook post for the full list!

Another Bendigo favourite is the Elmore Bakery in East Bendigo, crowned the makers of Bendigo’s Best Pie!

Olive at Loch is a cosy coffee shop, whose pies are not only visually spectacular, but taste just as good.

Hulms Bakery in Colac is the ‘Best in the West’!

Rob’s British Butchers in Dandenong have all your British food needs sorted, and are the home of the quintessential Pork Pie!