Connecting with others

There are still ways you can meet and socialise with like-minded people online and at home, so we've put together a list of interactive events for all ages.

Humans are social creatures, so we're hard-wired to want to connect with other people. Social connection is good for our mental health, can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, and lead to higher self-esteem and empathy.

It can also be good for our physical health, too - with proof social connection can improve our immune systems. 

This year, it has become even more clear just how important it is for us to connect with other people. And while that might seem difficult right now, there are still so many offerings from organisations across Victoria that are designed to help you connect virtually with others.

Start connecting

Available anytime
DIY music trivia with Fed Square

Fed Square

Music trivia questions to test your friends.

  • Music
  • Game
Available anytime
Women and Non Binary Gamer Club


An online book club for video games.

  • Games
  • Workshop
Available anytime

Fun and thought provoking activities

  • Theatre
  • Workshop

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