Connecting with your friends and loved ones in new ways

Leisl Egan

Discover ways to connect more meaningfully in a virtual space.

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10 Sep 2021
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22 Sep 2021
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Leisl Egan

Connectivity with our loved ones is more important than ever as distance and lockdown can make us feel isolated.

But with these virtual hangout ideas below, you and your loved ones can still find ways to spend meaningful and fun times together.

Whether you want to organise and host a specialised and specific event for your group or leave the technology to someone else, we’ve got you covered.

Take a chance on virtual games!

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We’ve done the jigsaws and the puzzles, built all of the Lego and coloured in all the colouring books. But games can also be played with your group online. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • Pub Trivia – Many local pubs are hosting virtual trivia nights for their much-missed guests, plus this is a great way to support our local businesses. Reach out to your favourite local and see what they have on offer!
  • Host your own trivia night – there are a number of trivia packages you can buy if you don’t want the trouble of playing quizmaster.
  • Solve an unsolved murder with True Crime Games and their chilling game Eastern Market Murder .

Get moving with virtual dance parties!

Image of a man in a black tshirt and white hat dancing. ​Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

You don’t have to be sitting down to hang out and party with your friends, with these ideas below you can be up on your feet and moving your body.

Change the conversation with your family

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Feel like you know your family inside out and that you’ve talked about absolutely everything?

These apps are a fun way to explore new topics with your friends and loved ones.

Add a dash of difference to your get-together with cocktail making!

Image of a cocktail with a straw and a lime on a tabletop in front of a computer. Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

If your group hangout needs a refresh, explore some of these options below.

From private classes and provided kits with mixologists to recipes for cocktails using what you’ve got at home, there’s something for every palette and price range.

  • Learn to mix, muddle and shake three cocktails at home while enjoying a round of trivia with Class Bento’s virtual cocktail class.
  • Get the whole kit and kaboodle with Cocktail Porter’s cocktail making kits and virtual private parties with a real mixologist
  • For something a bit simpler try these easy three-ingredient cocktails to make at home, try The Negroni , a Gin & Tonic , or the classic summer beverage The Aperol Spritz .

Get artistic with your friends!

Image of a blue neon sign that says the word art. Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash

While we can’t together in person, there’s still a way to explore your creativity with friends or meet a new bunch of people with a creative bent.

These classes and workshops below allow an interactive space where you can follow along, ask questions or chat with your group. You can organise a specific session for your group or join a public group to meet new people.

Connect, Create and Consume with online cooking workshops

Image of a boy and a girl in the kitchen stirring food in bowls. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

While we can’t sit around the table with our friends and family, there are still ways to share a meal and connect over great food.

Some of the workshops below offer cook-along workshops, ingredient boxes, and ways to connect.

Get your musical fix with virtual concerts!

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Music can be experienced through more than just your earbuds and can be shared with those we care about.

Using the links below, you can organise a virtual watch party, and have a score for your Friday night get-togethers.

  • Create the live music experience at home with some of these top performances from Victoria.
  • Support the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with their exciting, new, membership-based video-on-demand service now streaming online.
  • If you’ve listened to everything and need to flex your knowledge Fed Square has a musical trivia session just for you.

Avoid spoilers with a virtual watch party!

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Sick of holding back opinions on a series finale or discussing just how that movie ended? With virtual watch parties, you can share the experience of watching content with friends and family far away.


Disney Plus

Watch Remotely

Hosting an event? Choose your platform!

Image of a laptop screen with multiple people in a Zoom meeting. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

From lockdown, we’ve discovered that there are multiple virtual ways to connect beyond the text message and phone call.

And you don’t need a paid subscription to access them! All you need is a smartphone or computer.

Check out some of the links below to see which platform suits your group experience best.






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