Creative Victoria content submission

Victoria Together has partnered with Creative Victoria to offer previous and emerging grants recipients the opportunity to showcase their work on the platform.

Victoria Together specialises in creating, curating, and promoting digital content and virtual experiences from individual creators, organisations, and community groups around Victoria.

We want to connect Victorian creators to a wider audience, offering our platform as another channel for promotion and amplification for your work.

This form is open to all successful upcoming recipients, as well as organisations and independent creators previously funded by Creative Victoria. 

Our content guidelines

We accept a number of different format types, including:

The content you're submitting should be:

  • non-commercial
  • community-focused and applicable to a wide audience
  • inclusive and accessible ( see our accessibility guidelines )
  • accurate and current
  • relevant, useful, and appropriate for the official source for citizens, businesses, and/or government officials
  • free of charge (preferred)
  • complementary to existing information, products, and services on Victoria Together
  • not intended to persuade, convert, or sell; your content may include advertising, but it must be free from heavy marketing or promotion of a product.

What we can offer you

If your submission is suitable for our audience and adheres to the guidelines outlined above, we will publish your content to our growing audience for amplification, promotion, and awareness on the Victoria Together website, as well as on our  Facebook and Instagram  channels.

In return, we get to support and advocate for community-led organisations and independent artists – one of our fundamental objectives. 


Submit your content

Provide a brief description of your content. If it’s applicable, please include the date and time.
If applicable, please provide details of the program name and the year your project recieved state funded support. 
Where can we find more information? eg. website URL, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Please ensure the text matches the standard format for URL e.g.

Required contact details

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The Department is using the services of Drupal 8 to administer this form. The information that you provide is stored in our Drupal 8 content management system and Azure servers.

For more information on the Department’s handling of any personal information, please refer to the Victoria Together’s Privacy Statement .

If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, the Department may not be able to contact you regarding your enquiry. Please contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet if you wish to use an alternative mechanism to the online form.