About Bibliotherapy

Explore our new weekly podcast series with practicing Bibliotherapist Susan McLaine, as she reads stories and poems that will encourage reflection and mindfulness.

Explore our new podcast series designed to offer relaxation, self-care, and comfort through the healing power of stories.

Join practicing bibliotherapist Susan McLaine each week as she reads selected stories and poems that will encourage reflection and mindfulness.

For more than 12 years Susan has researched, written, and spoken about the ancient practice of bibliotherapy in Australia and internationally. Let Susan guide you through a weekly practice in this easy to follow podcast.

What is bibliotherapy?

Put simply, the word ‘bibliotherapy’ is derived from the Greek words for book, biblio and healing, therapeia.

But in a more expansive sense, the word describes an age-old practice of book therapy.

Where the healing power of literature nourishes and comforts us during challenging times.

When poems and stories, read aloud, open a space for us to dwell quietly away from the noise outside.

How texts help us find a way to explore feelings deep within us – and offer potent opportunities for self-exploration and positive change. 

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