Kids Home Publishing - Brigid in the Book Cubby series

Artist Brigid May selects some newly-created books to read aloud in the virtual ‘Book Cubby’.

Image of text that says Brigid in the Book Cubby
Following on from the Kids Home Publishing - The Art of the Book series, we bring you Brigid in the Book Cubby!

After being guided through book-making by the Grand Imaginator, alongside a brilliant bunch of local artists sharing their own ideas and stories about ‘The Art of the Book’ now artist Brigid May will read aloud some of your newly-created books in ‘Brigid in the Book Cubby’.


This short how-to video will take you through the steps of filming or photographing your finished 8-page book. Brigid in the Book Cubby can't wait to read it! Send it to us at

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