For loved ones of those with One Foot In

Bee and Zee talk about the struggles they faced in their journey to discover themselves, and who they reached out to for help.

One Foot In

Bee and Zee, co-hosts of the podcast One Foot In, have created videos for LGBTIQA+ people from diverse backgrounds who might be silently struggling, and their loved ones who want to support them.

3 minutes

Bee and Zee, co-hosts of the podcast One Foot In, have created a video for for loved ones of those with ‘one foot in'.

Bee and Zee hope that through this video, loved ones can learn effective strategies to provide support.

Bee and Zee understand the challenges of feeling excluded from the mainstream narrative of 'being out'. 

These videos are produced with the hope that through change, tolerance, representation, and access to support resources, those with ‘one foot in’ will know that they are not alone.

Bee and Zee discuss the struggles of navigating the conversation of coming out with their families.

With the help of Sekneh Hammoud Beckett, a registered Psychologist, you can find the tools you need to have an open, honest dialogue with your family.

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