Melbourne Indigenous Transition School - Stop Animation Series

Stories written and animated by the students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS).

Our Journey and Planet MITS are digital stories conceived, animated, and narrated by students from the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, Australia.

The ideas and messages explored provide insights into the challenges and experiences associated with living and studying in Melbourne, away from families, and often remote communities. By centralising the student’s own voices, the stories serve to communicate their cultures, languages, values, interests, and histories to a wider audience.

Stop motion animation was chosen as the digital storytelling medium because of its tactile, inclusive, and hands-on nature. Stop-motion facilitates the experimental design and image-making processes and is often serendipitously unplanned for visual outcomes driven by the student’s own interests and capabilities, which in turn builds pride and self-confidence.

Innovative in its co-design process, this place-based digital storytelling program is a collaboration between the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, Swinburne University of Technology, and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

It is focused on facilitating a culturally safe co-creation space for learning and telling stories resulting in unique films in both visual aesthetic and design, with narration in the student’s own languages. 

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