Queer lives in isolation - Intimate Partner

A look into the unprecedented world and simple, intimate moments of intimate partners in lockdown, and a state-sanctioned one hour walk.

Image captured of Intimate partners sharing an intimate moment on the sofa they've been carrying down the road
This content contains coarse language and is suitable for people over the age of 18. User discretion is advised.

Queer Lives in Isolation

Experience the stories about time spent together when apart, by local Victorian filmmakers.

6 minutes

Met with the solution to Ari's couchless living situation during their state-sanctioned one-hour walk, Ari awkwardly enlists the help of their (recently declared) intimate partner, Chris, in carrying their newfound couch back home.


Ari Tampubolon as Ari

Conor Leach as Chris

Written, directed, and edited by Ari Tampubolon

Produced by Sam McGowan

Cinematography by Emily Seif

Sound by Robert Rogers

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