Writers Victoria Writeability - Using Mentor Texts

In this video book reviewer and independent commentator Sarah Mayor Cox shows you how to learn from the best when it comes to your writing.

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Writers Victoria - Writeability Series

The award-winning Writeability program supports writers with disability wanting to develop their skills and writing careers.

90 minutes

Writeability aims to remove some of the barriers that have traditionally prevented people with disabilities from connecting with writing and publishing. It provides tools and information to support people with disabilities who want to tell their own stories in their own way.

Sarah Mayor Cox is an experienced book reviewer and independent commentator on Literacy and Children's/YA literature; with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry; including as voice talent. She is the founding Director & Lead Consultant at Ecology of Learning = MC2, skilled in Literacy Consultancy, Coaching, Lecturing, Editing, Educational Technology, and Instructional Design.

In this webinar recorded in May 2018, Sarah Mayor Cox explores the relevance of mentor texts to your development as an early or emerging writer. Mentor texts are exemplars of some aspect, element, or device of writing that you may be trying to wrangle in your own work.

Using specific examples from a range of mentor texts, Sarah will show you how to learn from the best. This webinar was recorded as part of the Write-ability Goes Regional and Online program.

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