Writers Victoria Writeability - Writing for Anthologies

In this video writers Carly Findlay, Rebecca Lim, Hope Mathumbu, Danielle Binks discuss the benefits for writers when it comes to writing for anthologies.

Writers Victoria - Writeability Series

The award-winning Writeability program supports writers with disability wanting to develop their skills and writing careers.

90 minutes

Writeability aims to remove some of the barriers that have traditionally prevented people with disabilities from connecting with writing and publishing. It provides tools and information to support people with disabilities who want to tell their own stories in their own way.

In this video with Carly Findlay, Rebecca Lim, Hope Mathumbu, Danielle Binks, the topic is the benefits of writing for anthologies and things to be aware of.

Anthologies can be a wonderful way of networking, increasing your literary footprint, contributing to causes you believe in, sharing your experiences, or even starting a writing career.

But anthologies have a specific and unique structure, pitching, and publication process that can be opaque from the outside.

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