Move Well with Lauren series

Join pro-skater Lauren as she takes you through a 10-part series of workouts for everyone, but especially for people who want to learn to skate!

The image shows skater Lauren competing , decked out in all the safety padded gear on elbows, knees and wrists, goggles and a bright blue helmet, a referee is behind her blowing their whistle.
If you have any medical conditions or injuries please seek medical advice before undertaking any of these sessions.

Move Well with Lauren is a series of movement-based sessions with a focus on improving strength and mobility for skating.

Hosted by pro-skater Lauren, you will be rolling on four wheels in no time after these workouts!

These sessions are designed to be inclusive for all levels and all members of the LGBTIQ+ communities, so you can join in at a speed and pace that suits you.

Some sessions are flagged as beginner, intermediate or advanced to indicate the level of fitness required.

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