Five iconic summer sports

Joel Moss

Explore some of the quintessential summer sports that bring Australians together.

A small boy is surfing with goggles on while a man holds the surfboard steady for him.
25 Nov 2021
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25 Nov 2021
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Joel Moss

Sport makes up a major part of Australia’s identity. In the summer, friends and families (and even unknown yet-to-be-made acquaintances) are brought together to share in some of Australia’s favourite pastimes.

These are the quintessential iconic summer sports that bring Australians from all backgrounds and diversities together.

Backyard Cricket

A group of children are silhouetted against a sunset sky. One is holding a cricket bat in the air and the others are jumping up playfully.

As the obvious choice at the top of the list, backyard cricket has been the backdrop for countless unforgettable summer memories. While no one ever seems to agree on a set of rules, this classic pastime unites everyone for a fun-filled occasion. At the beach, at the park, in the backyard, it can be played anywhere.

Lawn Bowls

This image shows people playing lawn bowls on a sunny day. One person is bowling, while the other stands back to watch.
Image from Visit Victoria.

Lawn bowls is the perfect sport for those looking to hangout and enjoy a cruisy vibe. Fun for all ages, every neighbourhood can enjoy their local bowls club. There is nothing better than barefoot bowls and enjoying the therapeutic sensation of walking across the green while hypnotised by the bowls rolling inwards toward (or outwards away from) the jack.

Swimming and surfing

A small boy is surfing with goggles on while a man holds the surfboard steady for him.
Image from Visit Victoria.

Just like watermelon and ice-cream, or fish and chips, no summer is complete without a dip in the pool or ocean. Whether it’s swimming at the community pool or surfing at the beach, there’s nothing like that initial moment of going into the water and the refreshed and rejuvenated feeling after coming out. Is there any more nostalgic feeling than a long fun-filled day on the beach?  


This image shows people on a tennis court. The man in the foreground has thrown the ball in the air, ready to take a serve.

No one can deny getting caught up in the tennis season during summer. Stirred by the Australian Open, it almost seems like everyone is inspiringly trying to emulate their favourite tennis athlete's heroics. Victoria is home to a rich tennis history with many local clubs and facilities available to play at.


A group of teens play basketball on an outdoors basketball court.

Popularity in Australian basketball has surged recently due to the plethora of Australian talent playing overseas. Like tennis, basketball fans love to enthusiastically re-enact their favourite player's exploits. With a court, seemingly, on every corner, there’s no shortage of hoops.