Five idyllic Victorian beaches

Joel Moss

If you need inspiration for beach season, we've compiled the top 5 idyllic spots as voted by you!

Image of a coastal beachline, looking out to the 12 apostles in Victoria. Photo by Wee Ping Khoo on Unsplash
21 Nov 2021
Last updated
17 Jan 2022
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Joel Moss

There are plenty of beaches to enjoy during the summer season in Victoria.

Right across Victoria, there are numerous pristine beachside locations that had people gushing with suggestions on the Pin My Nature Page.

Here are just five of Victoria’s best beaches to check out.

Wilsons Promontory – Squeaky Beach, Sealers Cove and Refuge Cove 

“Squeaky Beach is so beautiful; spectacular really. And it truly is squeaky; white, fine, squeaky, squeaky sand; always a total joy to be there” – Andy G

“Sealers Cove is heaven on Earth” – Wendy

“Taking my shoes off and walking through the shallow waters extending to the campground gave me the feeling of being worlds away from civilisation” – Nicole Beres

 “The wonder of finding bioluminescence in the water after a big day hiking- (Refuge Cove is) such a special place.” – Andy G

 “You can travel the world, but it is hard to find a place more beautiful than this (Refuge Cove).” – Zoe AC

Image of a Victorian beach, with a tree-covered mountain in the background and a couple walking in the foreground.

Those on the Pin My Nature page raved about everything that Wilsons Promontory had to offer.

Three beaches in this majestical location were frequently cited, and it was too hard to pick just one, so we listed all three including Sealers Cove, Refuge Cove and Squeaky Beach.

People were enamoured with this trio of picturesque beaches, remarking about clear turquoise waters, grandiose coastal bushlands and seclusion.

No photo can seemingly reflect the beauty of this scene accurately.

Bridgewater Bay – Cape Bridgewater 

“The most beautiful beach in the world!“

Aerial shot of the coastline of Bridgewater Bay, with green farmaldn in the distance.

After this bold claim, we had to know more about the proclaimed most beautiful beach in the world. And we can definitely agree there is strong evidence backing up this declaration.

With some of the highest coastal cliffs in Victoria overlooking deep-blue waters, Bridgewater Bay is also located atop an ancient volcano crater.

Cape Bridgewater features a large breeding colony of fur seals amidst a charming landscape of dense forest meeting the coastline.

It will be near-impossible to leave after arriving.

Cape Conran 

“The beauty, wilderness and wildlife. Great walks and amazing beaches.” – Pam

Image of a rock formation at Cape Conran, taken from the sand's edge looking towards the ocean.

Tucked away along Victoria’s far-east Wilderness Coast, Cape Conran is the perfect spot for beach goers.

There is so much more on offer with Cape Conran Coastal Park taking part of an incredible Aboriginal cultural landscape.

The shallow waters of ocean beaches are excellent for swimming, snorkelling and strolling along the shores decorated with a rich cast of wildlife including the Lace Monitor lizards, wombats, bandicoots, potoroos, honeyeater birds and sea eagles.

The Cape is also the ultimate spot for whale watching, and seeing dolphins and seals at the marine sanctuary nearby.

Blanket Bay – Cape Otway 

“Really fond of the beautiful beach, coastal forest and all kinds of amazing wildlife in this area. Such good memories camping with friends and exploring the area."

Image of a girl in a red hoodie, looking out to the ocean at Blanket Bay. She stands against a red wire fence at the top of a lighthouse.

Blanket Bay is said to be a perfect family escape. This seaside location has heaps to do including swimming, snorkelling and exploring unique rockpools full of marine life.

Also popular for camping, Blanket Bay is lush with koalas overhead in Manna Gums, and next to the Great Ocean Walk.

Sandy Cove – Bay of Islands 

“Gorgeous sandy beach bound by spectacular rocky headlands on a rugged stretch of coastline. Exhilarating!” – Alecia

“Beaches are beautiful in this area - but the rugged coastline is spectacular! Just beautiful.” – Shaz Morgan

Image of natural rock formations in Sandy Cove, jutting out of the ocean.

With a 32-kilometre stretch along the Great Ocean Road between Peterborough and Warrnambool, there are plenty of exquisite beaches to enjoy at the Bay of Islands.

Sandy Cove specifically received glowing reviews with people excited about its breathtaking views of the rugged Victorian coastline.