LIVE GIPPSLAND - Talking Milk, Butter & Cheese

Take a peek into three dairies from the Gippsland region, what drives, inspires and motivates them.

Sally Jones is standing in a field of Jersey cows smiling and wearing an Akubra.


This is a snapshot of the people, places, and personalities that make up the Gippsland region, and more.

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Gippsland is one special place. Full of incredible food, wine, drinks, produce, and people. For many of us, it remains undiscovered. But not for long.

Gippsland is one of Australia's best and largest dairy regions. See the people that live and breathe the authentic ideas of paddock to plate dining. 


Prom Country Cheese 

Prom country is a small family-run farm in the lush hills of South Gippsland where sustainable and regenerative practices are at the core of their farming.

Bron and Burke are involved in the entire cheesemaking process. From growing the pastures to breeding and milking, there isn’t a blade of grass on their farm they haven’t nurtured. 


Gippsland Jersey 

Gippsland Jersey is a wonderful story of turning a crisis, into an opportunity to help and support local Gippsland Farmers.

Sallie Jones business partner There is no denying that butter is back and as we like to say, it’s a dip, not a spread.  


The Butterfly Factory 

Food and wine has always been a part of Rachel Neeboda life so when the opportunity arose to create her own micro dairy, she jumped at it.

Originally using milk from small Fleckvieh cattle herd, she’s taking a small respite as she completes her own factory to not only continue with great milk, but incredible cheese, butter and more. We cannot wait. 

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