A snapshot into the incredible variety of wineries made in the changing landscape around the Gippsland region.

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This is a snapshot of the people, places, and personalities that make up the Gippsland region, and more.

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Gippsland is one special place. Full of incredible food, wine, drinks, produce, and people. For many of us, it remains undiscovered. But not for long.

Take a journey through all of Gippsland, from the south to the east, and a dip into the Baw Baw Shire.

See what makes the wines of Gippsland so unique, and how they greatly vary from one area to another. 


The Wine Farm 

The name really says it all here but dig a little deeper into their organic and biodynamic soil, you’ll quickly find there is more and more layers to this story.  

Neil and Anna Hawkins moved to the farm in 2014 and have meticulously nurtured the vineyards with a deft organic, and certified Demeter, biodynamic touch. 

The quality of the wines sings the results with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pet Nat (and more) all delightfully delicious. Take your time here. Soak up the view (and the wine).


Bass River 

Whilst one of the regions pioneering wineries, you’d have to say that Bass River is making some best wines they ever have. Whether it be a delicious

Pinot Gris (that balances texture, richness, and freshness) or a Pinot Noir that was the People’s Choice at Pinot Palooza in Tokyo, they really are making an impact. You just have to taste the results. 


Dirty Three 

We’ll happily go on record as saying when they write the modern wine history of Gippsland, the chapter on Marcus ‘Satch’ Satchell and Dirty Three Wines, will be an epic one.

Oh, did we mention he plays a mean Saxophone at cellar door? Yeah, we just did. 



Made by the husband and wife duo, Justin & Lisa Jenkins, these two have been swift to make the ‘wineries to watch' list.  

This Rose is from fruit sourced at Lucinda Estate and all about thirst-quenching good times that keep you coming back for more and more.

Keep a close eye on these two as they plant their own vineyard on their own property this year. Watch list indeed. 


Patrick Sullivan 

A self-proclaimed nomad, Patrick Sullivan, and his young family have quite literally laid down roots in the Strezekli Ranges (Baw Baw Shire) and is now cultivating some of the region's most interesting wines.

Whether it be pinot noir, chardonnay, and everything in between, these are wines to take a moment, step back and admire the view.  


Light Foot and Sons 

With the first vines planted in 1995 by parents Brian and Helen Lightfoot, sons Rob and Tom now manage the property and brand and have created a truly unique wine outpost.

With the vineyards' unique red soil over limestone, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more impactful and dramatic view from their cellar door. We like these wines. A lot.  

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