MFWF presents - Melbourne's best snacks

Do you know where to find the best banh mi, the perfect pie, or melt-in-your-mouthiest croissant? We've teamed up with Melbourne Food & Wine Festival to give you the ultimate hit list of snacks.

Pick your part of Melbourne and follow the map to uncover some of Melbourne's best snacks!

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival has brought together some of Melbourne's most established and promising illustrators, along with the city's leading food writers, to capture the best street eats around our city and beyond.

So, it's time to celebrate what's good in your hood. Choose your location, build up your appetite, and use the map to explore a treasure trove of finger-licking snacks around town.

Bon Appetit!

What snack are you?

Try our new Instagram filter to find out what Melbourne snack you are!

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